e-Rebates By EFI (Energy Federation Inc)


Have your incentive rebates instantly available at Instant In Store Rebates available where your customers shop.

What's e-Rebates by EFI?

Its as Easy as, Scan, Validate, Checkout. Contact us!

Instant Engagement

Allows you to offer your incentive rebates while customers are shopping at their favorite retailers.

Increase Conversions

Your customers are instantly validated and receive a rebate in the store prior to checking out.

Improve Experience

Customers receive a the discount right out checkout. No more waiting for checks to be arrive.

How e-Rebates works

Your customers just go shopping, scan a code, then check out.

e-Rebates By EFI (Energy Federation Inc)

e-Rebate's Features

EFI's e-Rebate features have been developed in partnership with utilities and leading national retailers

Instant Validation

EFI's on-boarding process allows your customers to be instantly validated to receive their discount while they are at a store or shopping online.

Mobile Device Support

Our platform works on mobile devices, tablets, and desktops. Your customers don't need to download or install anything to participate.

TXT & Email Support

Programs can be configured to send a copy of a rebate to a customers mobile device (TXT/SMS) or email address.

In-Store & Online-Store

In-Store programs allow customers to scan a rebate bar-code on their device. Online programs allow for coupon codes and URLs.

Program Development

For over 30 years EFI have been delivering innovative, high-quality programs that provide real, measurable savings.

Branding Options

Each program is paired with a customer service team which is able to support the process to release programs in-store or on-line.

It was just simple, and smooth. I wasn't going to buy a dehumidifier, but the savings was great, and the tools where easy to use!

James R.

Who's behind e-Rebates?

There are 36+ years of experience & innovation backing this!

e-Rebates By EFI (Energy Federation Inc)
EFI - North America's Leader in Utility Incentive Fulfillment Services

Since 1982 EFI has been helping people and organizations purchase quality conservation products at affordable prices. EFI provides incentive fulfillment services to utility clients throughout the US. For over 30 years we have been delivering innovative, high-quality programs that provide real, measurable savings. Upstream, Midstream, or Downstream — EFI can help you save. Learn how EFI can help improve your incentive services!

EFI Has Processed Over $2+ Billion Rebates

EFI has been providing incentive processing services for utility and energy efficiency provider-sponsored programs since 1987. EFI is experienced in administering programs that employ different methods of incentive services, including upstream, midstream and downstream incentives. On behalf of EFI's utility clients, EFI has provided over $2+ Billion worth of incentives to utility customers for over 250 million products. Improve your rebate processing with EFI!

e-Rebates By EFI (Energy Federation Inc)

e-Rebates By EFI (Energy Federation Inc)
EFI Has Built Over 70 Utility Marketplaces

EFI was the first firm to pioneer the energy efficiency marketplace concept, but with over 70 utility-sponsored marketplaces reaching over 100 million households in 25 states, EFI is the largest online marketplace provider in North America. Marketplace offers are popular with utility clients and their customers, building brand awareness while cost effectively promoting increased energy efficiency. Add or upgrade your marketplace!

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